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Hi, my name is Michelle, and this blog is my family’s Inspired Adventure. We’ve sold our dream house, paid off our debts, moved into a small cottage, started homeschooling our kids, and have begun to prepare our family to take our first long term travel adventure. This January, we leave for a 6 month backpacking, workaway, volunteering adventure to parts of South America. Mark, Sydney, Luc and I are not experienced adventure travelers, never having spent any time out of North America. Sounds crazy, right? Just over a year ago, I would have completely agreed with you.


 A couple years ago, our family moved from the big city to a small rural village on the south coast of Southern Ontario. Moving from a large city to a small village we were able to sell our modest semi and buy the home of our dreams. We had made it to white picket fence suburbia with our 2 cars in the driveway, and more of a house then our family could ever need. I remember thinking to myself. “This is it, we’ve made it!” but it didn’t take too long to start feeling like there had to be more to it than this. It’s not that we didn’t feel blessed, but was this all there was to experience in life? One Sunday morning in late July 2014, I had a life changing dream. I woke up completely inspired. Later on that morning, over coffee with Mark, I asked him “What do you think of taking our family on an adventure? Just us, some backpacks, and the world.” And from that moment on our lives have been transformed into our Inspired Adventure.


Mark and I have been almost inseparable for 15 years and married for 8. Our love for animals and nature brought us together. We are very much the Yin to the others Yang and balance each other well. I’m a multi-trade artisan, Reiki practitioner, photographer, teacher, wife and mother. I love working and crafting with my hands. My arts and curiosities, are sold at local gift stores, metaphysical shops, and as well as at craft shows and markets. Mark is a volunteer firefighter for our community and also works a full time job in logistics. We are a newly homeschooling family, that is learning together along the way. Sydney and Luc are currently 11 and 8. They are bright, friendly and mischievous kids. Both of them love swimming, arts, crafts, and video games.

11055313_1580545468874141_2606123966882091287_oAs parent, we have become dissatisfied with our society’s constant push for more material things in life and the mind numbing consumerism that is peddled to our kids on a daily basis. On TV, movies, the internet, music and print we are constantly being sold to about the next “thing” that will improve your life, give you more satisfying relationships, increase your worth, make you feel good about yourself, and make others think highly of you. We want our kids to experience life without the attachment to unimportant “things” and to understand the benefits of experiences in life. We have nothing but the present time to live life to the fullest potential.

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