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Adventures have real life issues too

Where are all our awesome updates?

We haven’t been posting as much as I had hoped over the last couple weeks,  not because of a lack of interesting things we have seen, but more to do with the fact that we are all exhausted. It is not that we had imagined life would be a never ending vacation (okay..maybe a little),  but I don’t think we could have understood how difficult some days would be before we left.  We have worries here that we have never had at home. Where our clean drinking water will come from,  as we can’t drink what is in the tap without the proper filters or boiling.  What we are going to eat since we have no clue what is in most dishes, and most foods available at our grocery stores at home are not available here. We thought we had learnt enough basic Spanish to get by, but have quickly learnt that trying to communicate with our heavy English accents and lack of proper grammar can be confusing and down right impossible at times. The vast majority of the people here have been very patient with us, but it’s still very frustrating.  We have taken for granted the act of communication, and when that’s lost, frustration and fear set in.  And most of all how truly high Canadian standards for food, safety, housing and life in general are. It would probably be a very different experience if we were here on a short term vacation and staying at higher end resort type hotels but when you are living on a budget of $125 Canadian a day, higher end accommodations and chain restaurants are not really part of the equation unless it’s a treat.

Life is not bad, Just Different.

Life is not bad for us on our Adventure, actually it’s pretty awesome most of the time,  just a lot more work than one would think. We are slowly becoming accustomed to our surroundings, the hot weather, and the food.  We decided to take this adventure because we wanted to explore and learn about life outside of North American culture and we are doing just that.

I promise we have quite a few posts, with awesome pictures, coming… Stay tuned 🙂




5 thoughts on “Adventures have real life issues too

  1. Kathy

    Sounds like lots of lessons in gratitude thanks for sharing that. We really don’t realize how lucky we are to live in Canada until we explore outside of it. Sending hugs!

  2. Steve Gaudet

    Thanks for the updates. Keep your chin up! Your Doing great. We are all proud of you ( and envious even though it’s a lot of work.) Love from. Ian Simon Tamara & Steven

  3. Doris Adams Bauce

    I sort of envy you. But with children I realize it can’t all be easy. Hang in there !
    Noël is doing good, under the circumstances.

    Noël & Doris.

  4. Amy

    Yes, travel isn’t always easy! The first few weeks in a new country are always especially overwhelming. Things do get a bit easier once you feel more settled.

    1. Post author

      We have definitely started to adjust now and are enjoying our time. We still have days where we are home sick but we are appreciating our time in these beautiful countries.

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