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Shedding light onto the darkness of my Ego

So I’m the first one to admit my blogging has, well, kind of been lacking in the whole blog post department.

I’m not, not writing because of a lack of ideas, things to share, or time to write, but because of  the little nasty voice in my head,  that I believe every once in a while. In the past couple years, through counseling, meditation, Reiki, and spiritual growth, I’ve become aware of the difference between I, as in my soul and consciousness, and my Ego, that voice that likes to remind me of all the things it doesn’t believe I’m good at or can’t accomplish. Most times now, I can shed light and question the thought until it is no longer hurtful and negative, but when it comes to my writing, my Ego won’t shut up or let the words of ghosts past go.  I wanted to become a writer and go into journalism as a kid and young teen, but because  I’ve  allowed myself to own the thought of some mean high-school teacher for almost 20 years, I didn’t explore writing any further, for fear  of exposing myself and being told again that I don’t measure up. It’s time that I let that ghost go. I know now my thoughts and stories are worth sharing and I want to encourage others to open up and share their adventures too.


Photo Credit: Berit Watkin Flickr

I can’t guarantee you perfect grammar, sentence, and paragraph structure, or even spelling for that matter, but I do promise you a real look into our Inspired Family Adventure. The good, bad, ugly and amazing. I’m excited, scared, and blessed to be sharing our journey with you.

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2 thoughts on “Shedding light onto the darkness of my Ego

  1. Tara

    This totally echoes my experience…I’ve started and stopped blogging so often! I just found your blog today and am so envious of your plans. Right now I’m trying to convince my significant other that a similar adventure would be possible for our small family. Wish me luck!

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